The Challenge

Wilkinson Sword has a history of game-changing product innovations. So when they wanted a way to create awareness of their awesome Xtreme 3 product, they came to us to help. Armed with a new creative campaign, we helped bring the core idea to life in a way that embodied the history and heritage of the brand.


Idea & Strategy

In the modern game of tennis, preparation and confidence is everything. So, a brand partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association, or LTA’s top tennis players, was devised. This idea put our brand in front of some of the biggest names in tennis, with a cleverly designed and crafted ‘barbershop’ pop-up at some key dates on the tour.

The Results

From Andy Murray to Nick Kyrgios, our tennis pros were able to relax and be pampered by our professional barbers, helping them to #SharpenMyGame.

But more than that, they were our new, high-profile brand advocates.