The Challenge

This year, our valued client, Accolade Wines came to us with a new challenge in the form of the question: What can we do to boost bartender awareness and understanding of the wine category, and most importantly, of Accolade’s wine portfolio?

Eager to take on the challenge, we got straight to work.


The Thinking

We knew that, as much as people love wine, consumers are often intimidated by the category and don’t know what to choose, and why to choose it. This means that when buying in the on-trade, consumers are missing out on quality wines that might be the perfect wine for their tastes.

This problem is only amplified by the fact that bartenders often lack awareness and education of the wine category themselves.

If we could engage bartenders and equip them with this knowledge and understanding, we can improve the experiences had by wine drinkers in the on-trade, and in turn, boost the awareness, familiarity, and rate of sale of Accolade’s wines in on-trade establishments.

What We Did

We proposed and developed the ‘World of Wine’ – an interactive platform for bartenders to learn more about the wine category, and the Accolade Wines portfolio.

The website serves as a hub of information on Accolade wines and the wider category, with areas dedicated to the history, ethos, and qualities of each Accolade brand. Additionally, we included sections to help bartenders with general category knowledge, such as the perfect wine serve, food pairings, grape knowledge, and selling tips.

Finally, we implemented a test-your-knowledge quiz to engage bartenders, and reward them with a personalised certificate and pin badge. The quiz would better ensure that bartenders have developed an understanding of Accolade Wines and the wider category, while the certification and badge would instil faith in the bartender in the eyes of customers wanting to try new wines.

The Result

Hard work pays off, and although the World of Wine website is still fairly fresh, we think it has a bright future ahead, and Accolade Wines certainly agree!

“We enjoyed working in collaboration with Quantum to create our World of Wine Training platform. I’m confident it will be a fantastic tool and gives bartenders a little extra incentive to learn about the basics of wine.” – Helen Tinman, Accolade Wines